Everything’s Cool! Nevermind…

Maybe the world’s not such a bad place after all


Socks! The woolen wonders! Hats for your feet! The only Christmas gift I’ve gotten in the past six years! Perhaps the 21st century’s greatest invention, socks have always been there for us, whether it be sliding down freshly waxed hospital corridors or preventing hypothermia. Everyone from Tom Cruise to Tom Kruse owns a pair of socks!

Not to mention the haute couture world of sock fashion. It’s a means of self expression, a way to shout, “look at me world! This is who I am!” and then jam it in a sneaker.

Nevermind. Everything Sucks

Bullies! I think being mean is pretty uncool. And, you could stand to learn a lesson or two on manners. There’s a way to criticize somebody without making them feel stupid and worthless and like a frizzy-haired weirdo who doesn’t have any friends and will never have a boyfriend because sHESGAAHH LIKE GOD I ALREADY FUCKING KNOW THAT JESUS GODDAMN CHRIST i have to go


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